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Small Business & Commercial Cleaning

Is your business in your home or a small storefront? We understand that the cleanliness of your business is an important part of your success. Let us do the cleaning so you can do the important work.

Microfiber cleaning cloth

What is standard for small business cleans:

Bathrooms:  clean & sanitize toilet + sink, replace toiletries (optional), clean light fixtures, clean exhaust fans, clean hand dryers, collect garbage, sanitize high touch areas, clean floors to finish

Employee Spaces: clean fridge, clean common surfaces, re-stock coffee/tea stations (optional), sanitize high touch areas, collect garbage, prepare for next day, sanitize floors to finish

General Areas: remove debris & dust, sanitize surfaces and high touch items, polish glass areas, sanitize POS system, computer...etc, clean + sanitize floors to finish. 

Base Commercial Cleaning Hourly: $55 / hourly

Team or Deep Cleaning; Starting at $100 / hourly

Rates may vary between clients. Each quote is subject to change based on the clean. We will communicate all changes with you before moving forward. We will provide you with a quote beforehand to ensure you are working within your budget.

All quotes are subject to change until an in person quote is confirmed. Our cleaners will check upon arrival. 

Due to the nature of online quotes, we would like to let you know that prices are subject to change until we see your home and understand exactly what we are dealing with. This is why we urge you to please be honest about the cleaning situation. No judgement, we just like to be prepared to do our jobs well.


We also need to see, touch and investigate each room we clean in order to execute an appropriate cleaning plan. Without being in the home and actually doing the work, we don't know how easy or difficult it will be. We reserve the right to deny your service request if the work is unsafe or inaccurate to the request upon arrival.


We will never surprise you with charges as it will always be discussed before we complete the work. Additional charges may include but are not limited too, a deep cleaning fee, an additional service fee or an hourly fee if our time is used up providing additional help such as moving boxes, re-arranging furniture etc. All fees will be discussed before completion. 

All additional unplanned cleaning costs will be added to your invoice. Please ask questions if you do not understand the invoice and we would be happy to break it down in greater detail.

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