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  • As a homeowner, do I need to provide the cleaning supplies?
    Homeowners are not required to provide their own cleaning supplies. We will bring our own chemicals, scrubbies, vacuum and mopping tools and personal protection. We can use your tools such as a vacuum and/or mop if you request us too or if it is agreed upon to do so ahead of time. If you have a speciality cleaner in your home and prefer we use it, please just leave it out in it's designated use area and let us know before your schedule cleaning session.
  • Is there any mess you won't clean?
    Nope! The messier, the better. We mean it! There is no such thing as a perfect home. We all make messes. Some of them get out of control sometimes, and that's okay. Please don't feel embarassed. We provide a judgement free service for all messes.
  • Can I cancel or reschedule my cleaning dates if something comes up?
    Yes! Our schedule is flexible if you need to make other arrangements. Things happen! We understand. We ask that you give us 24 hours notice for all cancellations and rescheduling. At this time, there is no fee for cancellations as all payments are made after a job is complete.
  • What are your protocols for COVID-19 and other illnesses?
    If you request us to do so ahead of time, cleaners will wear a mask in your home for the duration of the cleaning session. We ask that if you or someone in your household is positive for COVID-19 or has a fever and it considered to be contagious with any illness, please reschedule your cleaning for a later date. If you fail to bring it to our attention before a cleaning session, this may result in a permanent termination of service.
  • Do I have to be home during the cleaning session?
    We do not require you to be home for us to complete the cleaning service. You may choose to stay home or go out while we clean. Whatever suites your comfort level. If you are home, we do ask that you stay in another room if possible while we clean so that we aren't working around you. It can get a little crazy before it gets clean! If you are not home, you can ask to text you when arriving and leaving the home.
  • How long does a quote last?
    Each price estimate given will be honoured for 14 days upon request and creation. After 14 days, we will re-evaluate the work that needs to be done and quote accordingly.
  • If I have pets, is there an additional charge?"
    At this time, we are adding an additional charge of $20 per service if pets are in the household. We have no problem cleaning up your pets space, refreshing their water bowl and cleaning up any animal supplies you might have around the home. For homes with larger messes or many animals, we have a range of fees. Please let us know more about your pet(s) and their needs upon our cleaning consultation.
  • Can you walk my dog(s) when you visit for a clean?
    Actually, yes we can! Evelyn and her crew are trained with the basics of animal care and will happily help you with walking your dog while we are visiting. We can also let your dog(s) out into the backyard if you prefer. Depending on your dogs needs, we would be happy to give you a price during our consultation. Please feel encouraged to ask us about this if you have a new pet at home as well! Walks range in price from $20-$50 per walk.
  • Do you accept credit card payments such as Visa or Mastercard?
    Yes we do! Once we email you the invoice on the day of the clean, there will be an option to pay with credit. Input and process your payment accordingly! Warning: There is an additional fee on the invoice for using Credit payment methods such as VISA and MASTERCARD. It is 2.9% of the total cost of your clean + 25 cents per transaction.
  • Can I pay for my cleaning ahead of time?
    Yes you can but only if you have hired us before and are currently receiving a regularly scheduled service from our team. We will not accept pre-payments from clients who are new. All invoices must be accurate and require a team member to confirm the work before we begin. Only then will an invoice be sent out.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept payments made via Cash, Interac, Credit, Cheques and other reputable bank notes. Please confirm your preferred method of payment during your consultation. Pre-payments can only be made by reputable clients who have worked with us before.
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