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It's time to get organized.

We all crave functionality to some degree. We form lifestyles around it. 

But sometimes when the clutter collects, we forget how to use our space and it becomes overwhelming.

At Ev's Happy Home Project, we thrive with functionality and love to help our clients find perfection in their own spaces.

Well Organized Closet

Types of Organizing Services

  • Moving into a new home

  • Expecting a child 

  • Downsizing the home 

  • Decluttering & Junk Removal

  • Hoarding situations 

  • Life After Loss

  • Reducing stress & creating functionality in the home

We offer a variety of organizing tools such as clear bins and woven baskets for aesthetic and functional systems anywhere in you home.

Please contact us to discuss upcoming projects and receive a free consultation from Evelyn

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