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Pets are amazing-ly messy

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

If you have ever lived with a furry companion, you know darn well how messy they can make the house on a day to day basis. From random litter bits on the carpet from the cats or fur balls rolling on the floor like tumbleweeds from the dogs, caring for pets can also mean being a part-time cleaner for them.

But we animal lovers know that we need to love them and would live life in no other way. Animals are the best! Even with all the mess. I'd offer up my soul to take care of more if I could. Phantom, the black Malinois in the picture below is my only pet right now. Because of this, he's incredibly spoiled...and it shows. He is a pro at making messes. Especially right after I've cleaned up. Oh how he keeps me on my toes.

So what are some of my favourite ways to keep the house from smelling like pets you ask?

Here are my top 5 must haves for cleaning up after pets in your home.

1) Enzymatic cleaner. Every pet household needs some. I personally like Ez - Clean Advanced Odour remover but products from brands like Simple Solutions or Natures Miracle also work well and can be found at most pet stores.

If your pet ever uses your carpet as a toilet or lays on the couch for hours on end after splashing in puddles, or even sharts on the walls because of a stomach bug he caught from doggie daycare (true story), these cleaners will really help to get any stain or odour out with no trace of it ever happening. Spray the product on the desired stain and scrub it in with a durable sponge. Spray a little more, let the solution marinate for a little bit and then begin to remove as much liquid as possible with a dry cloth or towel.

2) Deodorizing Agent: Oxi Clean or Borax are must-haves when you have pets (or kids). Add some to your laundry machine when you run a wash cycle of your pets linens, or add a scoop of each into a classic laundry stripping recipe. The smell will be gone from anything that sits in this solution, I promise!

Arm and Hammer Baking soda is an excellent deodorizer and can be found anywhere. Add some into a cheese topping shaker and you have an easily applicable powder deodorizer. Shake it onto the stain, allow it to work its magic and vacuum it up. Be mindful that you may have to clean your vacuum out more often if you do this, but if you have an easily washable system, it works great.

Vinegar is another addition to laundry time that everyone needs. Ditch the fabric softeners for your pets linens and use vinegar in its place. Not only will any odours be gone, but it will be just as soft as it would have been with softener.

3) You need a Steam Mop with many changeable covers you can wash: Muddy season is currently upon us (its fall time in Canada) and that means that my home has brown paw prints everywhere. And before you ask, yes, I do wipe their feet when they come inside. I just don't always get each particle of dirt, and it shows. Having a steam mop around helps get the messes quickly without having to make up a full bucket of soap each time I see a mess on the floor.

4) Good vacuum (and a good pet brush): both of these items go hand in hand. Hair control is needed, especially if you have a super furry cat or dog. My Malinois sheds like crazy and leaves little tumbleweeds of hairs everywhere. Regularly vacuuming keeps the floors clear. I don't currently have a favourite vacuum to share about, so use whatever suits your home best!

5) Designated Pet Zones + Linens: In my home, I have a few spots where only pet supplies exist. By the front door, we have towels + outdoor pet gear like leashes. The back door has the same. My dog also has his own bed, his own pillow, and his own towels to destroy. Having these items helps control how much of my stuff gets dirty because he has his own to mess up. And, I just throw it all in the wash each week, keeping my pets space relatively clean 24/7.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or affiliated with any company. It is a personal opinion based on my own experience. Products mentioned can be found in Canada.


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