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Ev's House Rules

When providing the absolute best home care services to our clients, we do like to follow a few rules. Please review our house rules so you can know what to expect.

Notes for our clients

Your home, our workspace

We love helping you attain a clean, cozy home by providing our services. Here are some etiquette guidelines to follow so that we can do our job as intended. 

1. When our team arrives to clean, please let us get set-up and ready to start working. We don't want to let distractions disturb our skills to clean. 

2. When our team is in a room cleaning, please avoid entering and exiting this room. Cross traffic can cause us to repeat our work and this wouldn't be effective for our cleaning session goals. 

3. When you have pets at home, please be sure to consider where they should be during our clean session. We prefer pets to be out of the room as we clean to avoid pets interacting with our work. If pets can go away, this is also an option. We are more than happy to put them away during our clean, with your permission. 


Our cleaners promise to...

1. Whether you are home or not, our team will treat your home with the upmost respect at all times. 

2. When you are working from home, our team will work effectively around you to get the job done with the least amount of disturbances.

3. When you request a little extra, our team will find the time to help you in the best way we know how. 

4. When your pets greet us at the door, we will say hello and enjoy their friendship just before we get to work. 

5. When we clean your home, we will think of your family by responsibly doing our jobs well. 

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