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Ev's #FarmProject

Are you a farmer or farming family in Ontario, Canada looking for a way to take a vacation without having to leave the farm to care for itself?


We can help!

We understand how hard you work and want to make sure you get vacation days too! (because we know you never do)


Our Farm Services

Why you should trust Ev's Farm Project

With 10 years of experience working around small and large animals, Evelyn's first love has always been the farm. She completed her Bachelors in Equine Management at the University of Guelph and became certified in Equine Massage. Although not active in the industry today, Evelyn continues to find ways into working with Agriculture to continuously improve her skills to one day own a farm of her own. Ev's Farm project is intended to share her skills in agricultural caretaking by providing her clients with premium care in their place of work as well as their home.


She was lovely, personable and really fun to be around. She also showed great fondness and love for the horses. I found out she was starting her own house, pet and farm sitting business.

I run and equine boarding facility and live on the property with my 2 dogs. It is very difficult to find someone trustworthy to leave all the animals and daily responsibilities with, so when I was thinking of booking a trip away I reached out to Evelyn.

Evelyn jumped at the chance to come out and take care of my house, 2 dogs, 4 cats and 10 horses…also run the day to day of a boarding facility and manage all the horse owners expectations. Not a small feat. She is a pro! Stepped in and took over like she had been here for years. I was able to enjoy a very relaxing week away knowing that all the animals and people were in great hands.

I highly recommend Evelyn!

Lindsay / Foxwood Farms
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